Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moving Along

Back in September I heard the results of a teaching proposal I'd submitted, but when I mentioned it to a lampworker I know, she said "But we haven't been told yet!" so I thought I'd better not spread it around if it was going to cause upset, because maybe they'd, I dunno, change their mind or something.

So far they haven't, so here it is:

I'm teaching five classes at Bead & Button next year.

They comprise a nice selection of a pendant (Kell), two chains (Anemone Spiral and Cellini Netting), a beaded bead (Dolce) and a necklace-with-focal (Trivoli).

I'm psyched, but there's always Stuff to do.

Deadlines. A forever thing, so it seems.
 Fun little medallion that works as a cuff bracelet,
 a pendant,
 or the focal of a necklace.
 Then I made earrings with some of the beads at hand, but they were hideous and not flat so I cut them up
 and made better earrings instead.
In two colour-ways.

I think they're kinda cute.

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