Monday, November 26, 2012

I Still Want More

There's just no pleasing me. A four-day weekend of sloth (well, after a full day of extreme cooking at least), and it's still not enough. I want two months of no obligations. I have it on good authority (last time I was laid off I had about three blissful months. The not getting paid part put a bit of a damper on the whole thing though) that I wouldn't get bored.

Four days was nice though.

I made a little sample to test-drive the instructions for tomorrow's class.
 These little two-sided squares are fun and fairly obvious when you've done a few, but there's little exact repetition, so the instructions are rather long for such a small piece. I hope they're comprehensible.
I must have started these mittens five times, and what I should learn from this is that patterns just slow me down. The yarn is a delicious cashmere-blend and they're insanely warm, and probably big enough for a light pair of gloves underneath. Suitable for Arctic conditions just about, but with global warming, here in the somewhat southern parts of the Midwest they may be of limited use.

Pretty though.

You never know though. All that cold that didn't happen last winter? Could be saved up and dumped on us this winter. It could happen. And then these mittens will be supremely useful.

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