Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It's not just myself that I want to decorate and adorn, I like playing-dress-up with my plain pendants too. I swear it's not that different from when I used to buy knitting patterns and sewing patterns for Barbie clothes, and then just make stuff up anyway.

[True story: When my daughter was born twenty-two years ago, my mother brought me a bag of Barbie clothes that I'd made back in the day so that I could give them to my daughter. As a young child she was not the type to treat her toys with care and respect, so I kept on waiting for the right time for her Barbies to be ready for some nice clothes, and I waited and waited and she grew out of Barbies, so I never gave her the clothes. I still have a bag of Barbie ball gowns, nurse uniforms, sundresses and the like somewhere under the stairs].

The first one was meant to have skinny spikes all around, but it wouldn't bend properly that way (but I have another plan, no fear!), so all it got was a pair of spikes.
I made a little slider like this one years ago, and every time I think vaguely of classes, I think I really ought to resurrect it because it's easy and fun, and then as the deadlines loom it flees my mind. I just submitted for February though May (and once again missed the boat on the slider), so perhaps sometime after that it'll make it to the roster.
 Best of all?
 Space for both of them on the pendant!
I love the colour scheme, which was pretty much imposed both by the spikes (I really had no idea what colour they would be in Real Life from their descriptions) and some seed beads which were in something ugly which did not deserve to live, so I cut it up and they were on my beading table and I was too lazy to figure out which tube they belonged to. We're sort of bronzy-green and pinky-reddish-brown, a veritable feast of sludge.

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You are so like me in so many ways. This time it's the doll clothes. I never liked to play with dolls the way other girls did. I found that to be utterly boring. But I sure did like to make them clothes. I don't know what ever happened to all my doll couture. If I did we could have a retro fashion show together.