Sunday, November 18, 2012

Never Enough. But OK

No matter how much weekend there is, even long weekends aren't enough. I always run out of time rather than the other way around. Perhaps because like the rest of my peer group, I'm extraordinarily optimistic in terms of how long things take, and so there's always more to do than hours in the day. Or the weekend.

I did make another pendant in what was going to be a cacophony of colour, but is instead my usual instinctual blendy palette. Consider the raw materials, I suppose: it's not as though I buy masses of primary colours. I'm more of a seventeen shades of sludge kinda girl, so in retrospect, this pendant is in fact a riot of colour. Relatively speaking, that is.
 Another pair of earrings, monochromatic.
 A strange pendant because I just had to do something with those weird oval lentils.
 I should probably keep trying.

And then I thought I ought to be able to make an embellished right angle weave rope, and I thought I might add the embellishments in a spiralling pattern, and while this is not a speedy project, I do think it has potential, though my original idea wasn't like this at all.
 The herringbone chain was just pasta. You know, I was noodling around with needle and thread...
 And then I made another pair of earrings to see if those findings from the bead store would work.

I organized my piles of paper in the kitchen, the water-logged and food-smudged recipes I use repeatedly, by putting them in plastic sleeves in binders, and I do feel good about that, but I wish I'd done more.

I made the cranberry sauce - for anything else it's too soon, though I suppose I could have made the chocolate-caramel pecan pie and frozen it but I didn't.

I can't complain that I got nothing done, but still. I want more.

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