Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things That Do Not Suck

After a long day of eating, shopping, eating, spinning, shopping and eating, it's important to stretch. Those bags of stuff over the shoulder wreak havoc on the neck.
After more eating, we have parties at which we geek out over the home decor, a rather twee foreign red squirrel in jacquard weave. Neither lovely nor authentically local.
Deb and her colours. Always fabulous.
And then this blog post was going to be wrapped up, signed, sealed and delivered, but time ran short, Internet ran short, and so there's more.

There was the last night of SOAR with its sad frenzy of time well spent about to end, the wine that needs drinking or packing in the suitcase with the chocolates and the plans for next year.

Not enough sleep that last night, I'll tell you for sure, though if Denny managed two hours I'd be surprised.

And then the next morning we left for the cabin which had more wine and I sittng around the kitchen table with stark sunlight and crisp snow outside.

Really, no suckage at all.

We took a walk.

We gathered wolf lichen.

We breathed in gorgeousness.

There was also that silly thing you do when there are multiple cameras.
There were outdoor activities involving sawing and firewood.

The lumberjack thing. All woodsy-outdoorsy. Not everyone though: there was knitting and spinning to do!

Speaking of which, we had a treat of magnificent proportions. We visited Jimmy Bean's Wool (which was none too shabby), but the best part was that we got to go and see The Back.

The Back is the insanely huge warehouse of yarns, most of which don't make it into the actual store. If not for the issue of luggage and the fact that hello! SOAR market just a couple of days ago! I might have made a bigger dent, but I restrained myself with enough for socks and gloves and some yummy hand lotion. Cream. Solid bar. Smells good anyway.

We think that perhaps SOAR attendees, or perhaps spinners in general (the nice ones, the ones we like to spend time with) may have been raised by cats. We so enjoy the food, the snugginess of the fibres, the company and companionableness of other spinners, even though many of us are at heart somewhat solitary, quite independent. And we love to loudly show off the mice we catch/stuff we make, and sometimes even give the reslts of our labours as presents. We're all about the stroking of he senses; we love good food, delicious colour, techniques that sparkle in the mind, fibres that thrill our fingers.

Raised by cats.

Doesn't sound like a bad thing, does it?


Laurie said...

And THAT was a wonderful post! I am sorry I was not there.

Sara said...

You are a very good stealth photographer!

and Raised By Cats is a lovely theme.

Charleen said...

Sounds like such a lovely time!! I hold out hope that I will be able to make it to another SOAR soon!