Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lotsa Littles

Oh, the coat? No photo, sorry - I should get to it though.  And the T-shirt I finished knitting last week.

I had to add patch pockets so as to make it wearable, and the first thing my fashion maven offspring said when she saw it was "Ooooh, cute pockets!", so I guess it turned out ok.

So Peri has been making head pins which are apparently impossible to resist.
Earrings (sans ear wires as yet) seem to be The Thing that I need to do with them. The long, pointy ones need smaller beaded bits, while the little round ones need more.
 I had a fun morning.

At last week's show I swapped a necklace for some lampwork from a Kansas City (I believe) artist: two large hollow beads and some head pins - but these ones I think will not be for sale, since I don't have ready access to her work, and I'm pretty sure I can order more Peri Pins.
 And then I made another pair.
 And another.
These last beaded beads (and the ones on the orange and purple head pins in the group photo) are just dodecahedra, but not using all the same beads. Turns out that this makes it incredibly simple to see how to construct it, and better yet, very straightforward to explain it too.

In other news, last night was the start of the dance season (first show in the subscription), and all I can say was that I sincerely hope this is not an indication of things to come. It can't be, because Pilobolus will be here next month, and they're all kinds of awesome.

Last night was four pieces by four allegedly professional local dance companies (except one of the dancers is also a bartender, so I'm thinking the word "professional" might be slightly optimistic). Officially all dance companies, but they could have swapped me in for the third one, because I too can look left, look up, look down, hold someone's hand, drop the hand, stare at them when they take my hand, and look right, look forward, etc. No dancing whatsoever, and lame, lame, lame.

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