Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Just Another

I'm not saying that this weekend is wildly unusual in the existence of the species, but it's not just another weekend which is punctuated by the subsequent Monday at work. It's the weekend that starts a week in which I escape reality to live in a fantasy world where I don't have to apologetically explain "Oh, I spin my own yarn", but can delve into just why I prefer knitting a set-in sleeve into the armhole, top-down, or the oddly surreal feeling of being in a place at a time when my life was not in danger because of my grandparents and great-grandparents, or the need for the uninformed to have to apply for a license to procreate.

I leave for SOAR on Sunday, so my tomorrow will be filled with packing (I have my knitting and spinning and beading projects sorted out) and taking care of details so that I can completely disconnect from anything vaguely resembling any sort of responsibility.

And oh yes, they're supposed to deliver my new sofa also.

Part of my preparations involve new class projects for the February through May time frame.
 Icosahedra and dodecahedra have always been my no-brainer beaded beads, but for people whose heads don't go to three-dimensional geometry quite so naturally, these are always difficult to teach, in part because after a few beads it can be hard to read the beadwork and all too easy to get lost.

If you however colour- or size-code some of the beads, a dodecahedron is very quick and easy, though not necessarily gorgeous. Made with different sizes of base beads, it can take more or less embellishment, and connects very naturally to other dodecahedra with tubular (not cubic!) right angle weave.
 The twin beads continue to lend themselves well to simple thread paths, adding visual interest due to their shape. These shoulder-duster earrings could just as easily have been a simple bracelet or necklace, and I believe a little further experimentation with multiple seed bead sizes will provide some necessary complexity.
I saw a picture of tiny little beaded beads like the one on the right, which to be sure is made in a snap, but it's a little dull so I tried using right angle weave instead of peyote in the one on the right, but the shape was odd, so yay! I found a use for size 6 beads in the centre rendition.

Tomorrow's beading will absolutely for certain focus on one last illustration for the class I'm due to teach the day after my vacation ends, but I really want to play and play.

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