Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I did finish my sweater the night I arrived here.
It's hideous both off and on my body. And extraordinarily scratchy.

Once more, ripping was the only choice.

I did have a breakthrough though, when I realized that not every handspun yarn has to be made into clothing, especially when it's so scratchy. A fulled little rug might be a more appropriate use.

And then it snowed a lot.

It snowed again a lot more last night and some more today and I think (hope) iwe're done now.

Stephenie is keeping us busy, and we even came back in the evening after dinner for more punishment, um, instruction.

This weaving thing has lots of winding. Wind into a skein, wind on the other thing so ht it can dry with sizing on it, wind into a ball, wind the warp onto a frame loom. All a bit tedious, nothing serious. The actual weaving itself hurt my eyes and hurt my neck and shoulders and in the interest of not annoying everyone around me with whining and not pissing myself off, I bowed out. I'll watch someone else make their sample and full it while I know with absolute certainty that interesting as this is, I will never try to recreate baize from two or three hundred years ago, and besides, what will I ever use the sample for?

I knitted instead and it was fine.

I hear my cats aren't especially thrilled right now.


Laurie said...

I am laughing (and a little crying) about the sweater. But you rip all the time, so it isn't that big a deal for you. Maybe?

Laughing too over the warp winding.

Helen said...

snow??? where the heck are you?
Its been 75 degrees here in southern Ontario the last 2 days.