Thursday, March 29, 2012


I didn't have to work the core of the bracelet again, just the ribs (or whatever you want to call the outer parts), and while this is probably not an ideal bracelet, it's now workable: the inside circumference is smaller than the outside, and it feels more flexible and doesn't buckle.

Still, it was a fun experiment. Too bad it drew in a bit, as it's too small for me now.

On the sock front, oh yeah.
The truth is that in knitting (and in beading as well, I guess), I don't differentiate between working in the round or working flat, so the fact that these socks are worked entirely back-and-forth and have no sewing or grafting (besides three toe stitches at the very end if you object to a three-needle bind-off in garter stitch; I don't) is more a fanciful conceit of mine rather than having any actual significance or benefit.

They're fun though. I'm enjoying the hell out of them.

They break up multi-coloured yarn. The yarn I've used is a repeating irregular self-striping yarn (there's a pattern, but the stripes are different widths), and the way the socks are knitted offsets the stripes against each other so they look like squares or rectangles. A variegated yarn would probably be interesting too.

There is neither a longish cast-on for the cuff that you have to be careful to not twist, nor is there a fiddly toe cast-on. I cat on twelve stitches for the cuff, and everything else was pick up and knit. Oh yes, if you don't like doing that, you'll hate this sock.

Because it's small bits (narrow strips), it seems to go quickly, or at least progress is notable.

You could actually use up scraps of sock yarn. Yeah, it'll still look like Leftover Sock Yarn Socks, but it's more fun than regular stripes.

You could use different stitch patterns for the strips, as long as they don't affect gauge too much. A hugely intricate cable in one strip and an extraordinarily airy lace in the adjacent strip might be less than ideal.

The joins are very soft, very flat, but add just enough interest.

Unlike the socks which inspired me to start these ones (on account of the stretch being all wrong. Otherwise I thought they were cool), they stretch in all the right directions.

Yes, I do plan to write up the pattern sometime. It will not be well-suited for someone who needs stitch-by-stitch instructions and who doesn't understand the mechanics of constructing a sock.

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