Friday, March 16, 2012

Physical Limitations Suck

Seriously, I wish I didn't have to sleep as I'm really jazzed about where I'm going with this.

It started a couple of months ago with these cute little things that make me think of dumbbells with flowers at the ends instead of weights.
I had this vague plan of a rope that split and joined and captured my floral thingies.
I could tell right away that it would be both stupid and tedious, so as you can see I didn't even bother to end it off.

I kept in the way of a cautionary tale.

I had Thoughts today, of geometric shapes with vertices at which four corners met (I'm sure there's a more concise way of expressing that, but not being a mathematician, I'm not sure what it is).

Like an octahedron. It didn't seem quite right though, so my thoughts turned to the cuboctahedron which is pretty easy to make in beads.

And then embellish with one-ended flower dumbbells.
I'm not quite finished though.

Five vertices down seven to go.

And the best thing? The four-sided planes without decoration have holes big enough to string on a pretty substantial necklace, so I won't have to use one of the vertices for a bail as I'd planned. Downside is that I'd like to decorate four of the open squares, but what with the blooming dumbbells, there's no way I'll be able to wiggle a needle in those tight quarters.

Still though, I'm quite pleased.

Of course in all fairness, the reason I'm thinking about sleep before I'm done is that I did spend a couple-three hours finishing this:
Last night I briefly spent time on another idea which shows promise.

I can't really use it, as one side has one too many units.

I also think I can do something a little more interesting with colours.


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