Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something at Least

I didn't get anything beaded finished, but at least I finished my cardigan.

I've woven in the ends, but haven't yet sewn on the buttons.
I'm less satisfied the fit than I'd like to be; ditto the ruffle collar experiment.

I should have checked the circumference more carefully as it's a little snugger than I was aiming for, although in terms of current fashions it's probably fine. Or may be it's fine by last year's fashion. I can't keep up.

The neck shaping begins too low, so there's just too much ruffle on the upper half of my body, and so the neck gapes open more than I wanted.

Not awful, not unwearable, but not my best, unfortunately.

The colours are fabulous though.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic sweater, I love the colors, as well as the design.