Saturday, March 24, 2012

Small Things

I'm still upset about my purple cardigan, still steeling myself to rip it out, because if I don't, I won't wear it as it is (though I did wear it once). It's not as though I can survive without anything to knit, so I've been playing with stand-in projects. Socks.
This one is kinda fun actually. I started a sock from the Summer Knitty, but quickly realised that the stretch was all wrong, though the technique was fun. Socks need lateral stretch, not longitudinal, and charming as sideways socks are, there wasn't enough lateral stretch since I knit my socks at a tight and dense gauge for longevity.

I was hoping to make this sock entirely without either knitting in the round or grafting, but I think the toe may be my Achilles, uh, heel.

Meanwhile, it's moving along quickly.

There's another sock too, but it's dark and small.

I also made another one of these.
These are more my colours.

Below is a view through the hole.
I've been wearing the first one on a chain, but the shape of the opening suggests that a fatter, rounder and smoother necklace would be better. Like a herringbone chain with size 15 seeds.

For example.

Not happening through.

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