Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's what's for dinner. Or should be.
A couple of months ago I made a necklace of these odd little components.
I thought it reasonable that they could be made longer, long enough to make a bracelet. Pretty!

Sadly, there's this notion of topology that I completely ignored. If you're making a thick something, and you plan on bending that something around say a wrist, then there's an inside diameter and an outside diameter.
These are not the same.
If you act as though they are, there will be nasty buckling.

I should have stopped to think before spending upwards of four hours on it. I think I may be able to cut off only the offending bits without having to redo everything. Apart from the waste of time, taking right angle weave apart is really irksome, as there's no way to make a cut and then extract long lengths of thread; they're all very very short.

Live and learn, as they say.

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