Monday, March 12, 2012

Rare Day

Just after lunch at work today all the lights went out. That means computers too.

Usually when this happens it's just a blip and everything starts again and everyone groans because something was lost, but it's fairly good-natured.

The lights didn't come on again.

The power in forty-seven buildings in the area went out and estimates ran to about three hours before we'd be juiced again so we were sent home.

I finished the necklace.
I think it turned out pretty well.

I started one sample, photographing it along the way for instructions.
Then I fiddled a bit with right angle weave.
Really, just a bit, and just right angle weave and I think I have something but I didn't sleep much last night and so I'll have to fiddle some more another day, but I think it's promising. And PS aren't those purple beads gorgeous? Frosted light blue glass with magenta core. Yum.

I'm having Thoughts about my purple cardigan.

The neck opening starts too low.

The ruffles aren't all that delightful.

When I knitted in the sleeve cap I made the armhole too deep so it feels as though it's slipping down and it looks weird when I raise my arm.

I having Thoughts about ripping out and reknitting which I'm pretty sure means that I won't get to make the third in the series like I'd planned since by then I'll be pretty keen to start on cotton. I'm guessing I'll have lost momentum.

I'm torn.

It's wearable (I wore it today), but it's a bit unflattering and sloppy, not quite what I was aiming for at all. If I undo it as far as the start of the neckline, that's about a third of a sweater's worth of knitting and while I have been known to reknit (possibly to excess), this is quite the swathe of knitting: smaller needles, garter stitch, different yarns, which will be a bit to undo.

I won't be spending all that time making a ruffled collar though. I suppose that's a plus.

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Theo said...

Yes those purple beads are unspeakably toothsome! as is the combo you put them in. I was hunting for some for myself and in the process found these similar ones:
Still splendor under blue mist, but more wintry. Thought you might be interested.
Sorry to hear your sweater doesn't delight you. We've all been through it.