Sunday, April 1, 2012


I'm getting shop-ready samples done for the next round of classes, though I did spend way too much time on something that has ended up as piles of wiggly thread in the trash and good-as-new beads back in their containers.

I guess I try to escape knuckling down, and sometimes it's a worthwhile foray into Somewhere Else, but sometimes it's just not.

On the plus side, I really like this two-colour version of the bronze and fuchsia one I made a couple of months ago. The bronze beads accent the shape which I felt was a little lost in the single-colour version, I also managed to figure out a little extra embellishment around the rivoli which I think finishes it off well.
I originally made a series of pendants, but I was never happy with any of the bail variations I came up with. I think it works much better as a necklace, and the chain also lends itself well to a matching bracelet or earrings using a single component.

I also finished the sock I was working on (but I don't have a picture). The toe took a bit of finagling because I was set on not working any part of the sock in the round, and I was hoping to avoid both grafting and three-needle bind-offs.

There's still no part that was worked in the round, nothing was grafted closed, but there's a three-needle bind-off right down the middle of the toe; a decorative chain that reaches from the sole to the top of the foot but doesn't add any bulk.

I'll have to take a picture in daylight tomorrow.


Unknown said...


Is that necklace for sale? Someone has a birthday this month. I will understand if you need it as a class sample.


Charlene said...


I do need that as a class sample, but I can make another to your exact specifications, so if there's a required length or you have an idea for a better colour, I can do that.

Email me if you'd like to talk further.