Sunday, April 22, 2012

On A Roll

I'd forgotten how useful this making clothes thing is.

Skirts are super-quick, even when you change them up, like by adding pockets. No, not patch pockets, more like the kind you have in pants, where it's a bit cut away from the side seams and you can't see the extents of the pockets from the outside.


With my recently realized total lack of ability to accurately (or even vaguely) determine the vintage of clothing when it's from one of my decades (I wore a sweater that I made in college a few weeks ago. It wasn't black, magenta and teal, and it didn't have shoulder pads and it wasn't hugely oversized with a neckline that exposes a shoulder and it didn't blouse at the bottom and in fact I don't think it was ever the height of fashion even when I made it, and my son said "That's sooo eighties, mom" and I honestly thought it was stylistically neutral, but clearly I know nothing), this fabric whose provenence I can only guess at may be yelling that it's not retro at all, but from the unfashionable part of one of those decades. I think it's stylistically neutral, but I'm clearly being punked by my brain because we all know where thinking that got me last time I had that thought.

Still, I'm two skirts richer and no dollars poorer than I was when I left work on Friday, and I didn't even have the worst time ever.

Naturally, the extended warm spell that took the place of spring has been replaced with lower than normal temperatures, and both are warm-weather skirts.

Of course they are.

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Helen said...

You make me laugh...and apparently laughing is good for the soul.
I like this skirt too - keep it going!