Saturday, April 7, 2012

Semi-Ignoring Inevitability

So I really did spend quite a few hours on the unpleasant inevitability of taxes, and then I took a break that will only end tomorrow because as soon as I click the "Publish Post" button I'm going to bed,

I had to make a whole bunch of them to be sure that I know what I'm doing, and now that the little half-tube of size eights is so depleted I might as well make more of these beads and just finish them off, and then at that point I should have enough for an actual necklace so it's not as though I really wasted time although I still haven't finished doing my taxes have I, but at least I have some beaded beads.

And it's all downhill on the second sock for which the pattern is coming along nicely.

Still. Taxes not complete and behaving all millstoney.

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