Friday, April 6, 2012

Death And

Yes, it's the last full weekend before taxes are due, and they will inevitably be due, and once again procrastination has won out and since I really will spend the entire weekend (starting Saturday. When I'm at work on Monday, the weekend starts on Friday, but when there's something irksome to do, Saturday is definitely when it starts) doing my taxes, but first, I play.

I learned in the making of this sweet little pendant that there's an easy way and a hard way, and the hard way is so called for a reason, and that reason is unpleasant.

Still, it did get finished and I've decided I prefer this more substantial star than the thinner ones I taught in Thursday's class, but since only one person was close to done by the time we packed up, I definitely taught the right version.
Then this little beaded bead.
It's fast and chunky and uses bigger seed beads not just for support or their large holes. The size eights really do take centre stage in their herringbone columns, and even though I did use size sixes for the metallic accents, I think that version two may use something else.

I have a cat standing on my shoulders. I think she wants something. I don't know what it is. I suspect she doesn't either, but that's ok too.

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