Monday, April 2, 2012

I Said I Would

This is the sock it was too dark to photograph before I left for work this morning, and which is knitted entirely back and forth without having to cut the yarn (except at the end) or grafting (though there is some hidden and some decorative three-needle binding off.
You can see the joins, but you can hardly feel them. The heel is my standard garter stitch short-row heel, and the toe is something I figured out on the fly, sort of (I had to rip out my first try). I'm quite pleased with it, and am planning on writing up a pattern Real Soon Now.

I also finished off another class sample.
The crystal rondelles are a sort of pale greyish glass washed with an iridescent sagey blue-green around the equator. Not blue, not green, not grey, but all three and delicious.

In the process, I discovered that some seed beads with which I had heretofore been singularly unimpressed are in fact gorgeous: one of the Toho hybrids, an opal green picasso (supposedly, though I can't see the picasso finish, which is generally a mottled, slightly stone-like effect).

Still: YUM.

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Helen said...

The socks are way too cool! I love them....good job.