Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not That I'm Ungrateful

But really, it's better if I do it by myself.
I know you like to be involved.

I know you think you're invaluable. You are. Just not for this activity.

I know you think you're irresistible. You are. Except when it's dark o'clock and I'm in the process of sleeping. Or trying to.

I know you think you're talented. You are. I've never seen a cat so good at fetching, and so entertained by it. You're also really good at knocking things off my nightstand when once again, I'm very busy trying to stay asleep.

On the other hand, your presence on my lap really enhances my movie-watching, because you've figured out that you don't care to knit.

I guess you're still thinking you might like to weave.
You need to leave the selvages to me though, because I'm much better at it when you're not helping.

Not that I don't appreciate the effort.

I'm pretty glad you've decided not to help me with my beading.

It works out much better that way.

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