Monday, April 18, 2011

And Taxes Too

No, nothing to do with the other inevitability with which taxes are associated; just that I did my taxes all over again from the beginning (no, not because I love it so much: because my software behaved badly), but I managed to get more done than just taxes over the weekend.

In no particular order: socks.
A part of a sock, more precisely. I have an Idea for a unique heel shaping which hinges around equilateral triangles for the body, though actually I should be doing each one over half of the circumference, not a third, but I prefer the smaller ones. The smaller triangles.

Garter stitch cuff (it's nicer than ribbing and you don't have to worry that your cast-on is too tight to get them on, and it looks good with variegated yarns) and three triangles. I needed about ten to fifteen percent more stitches than usual for the triangles than if I was knitting straight, in the round.

Samples for tomorrow's class, Satellite Beaded Beads.
The originals used Czech rondelles, but I found oddly many (i.e. I have no recollection of either the reason for nor the occasion of their purchase) of these serpentine rondelles and wondered if they would work. I think they do, but I'm undecided on the seed bead colour (I'm thinking of a limited edition kit, since I have a large quantity if it's personal stash, but not all that many if it's for kits for sale) - I thought I'd prefer a lighter, brighter colour that would pop, but now I'm not sure.

And a kit sample.
I just love these clear aurora borealis-finish fringe beads. I wish they were easier to photograph.

And my son, annoyed at being photographed, on his way to prom.

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