Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Much Play

The instructions for the class I'm teaching on Tuesday weren't quite done, so I ended up making a bracelet in the course (I accidentally wrote "curse" but I don't really believe I actually meant it) of illustrating some of the steps and variations (this one gets wider in the middle. A bit like the brontosaurus, as theorised by Miss Anne Elk, except not quite so much).
It's a technique that I accidentally discovered while working on something completely different, and while the samples I've made have all had the same rate of slant, they don't have to. And until this sample, all had used a repeating stripe pattern, but apparently this more random and broader palette is quite appealing - at least according to yesterday's spinners at our monthly Eat Fest.

I also needed to make samples for another colour way for these Isis Beaded Bead kits. I didn't like the way the metallic green seed beads looked with the other greens, so I swapped them for something a bit orange, which I think is better.
I like the orange as the base colour even more.
And as a reward for my diligence (hey, I make the rules, so I can invent the rewards too), I played around with a simple flower shape I saw somewhere in blog-land.
I kinda like it, but find it Not Quite Satisfying.

I do like the way it's gently cupped, but there's little other dimensional interest.

I need to make a few in varying sizes and stack them, separated by Russian netted flowers, perhaps using beads in different sizes to make them more appealing. Or colour gradations or embellished centres or something.

Sadly time dictates that I work out first.

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