Saturday, April 16, 2011

Always Serendipity

Perhaps discoveries are always that way.


As I was stitching the chain on this green and bronze flower (which photographs very poorly by the way. Too shiny or something), I considered different arrangements of seed bead sizes and shapes, resulting in the gold and lavender chain below (same stitch).
As I stitched that one, it looked as though there was a rather nice gap between the picots on the upper edge that might accommodate a bead, stitched peyote-wise to encourage the chain to hold a curve, so when I reached the clasp and still had thread on the needle, I decided to experiment.

I really was going to make a scalloped curve, and perhaps I still will, but that's not what I ended up with.
This flat little ring is surprisingly sturdy, but I confess I'm not sure what it's actually good for.

It's small, barely an inch fringe-tip to fringe-tip and its opening is about a third of an inch. The overlay gives it texture, but it's still barely more than an 11ยบ thick, so there's not much to see when viewing it sideways.

It could probably work as a link in a chain of its clones, but the stitching would be awkward.

Still, I like it. I do need to think of something though.

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