Monday, July 13, 2009

Well. So Much For That

I redid my instruction photos using high-contrast colours (and incidentally, coming up with a better way of doing part of the bezel). I even managed to complete them last night, so that I wouldn't have to be, as my mother would have said, sitting on shpilkes this evening, wondering when it would be polite to leave so that I could complete the instructions for tomorrow's class.

As it turns out, I needn't have bothered.

Class cancelled.

On the one hand, it means I get to relax this evening and enjoy good company and good food, so I'm not complaining.

On the other hand, I have very lovely instructions for a project that won't take as long as, say a tubular square stitch lariat using fifteens, but will take a bit longer than stringing two beads on a head-pin, making a loop and suspending it from an ear wire, but that does leave quite a range, doesn't it?
Bezel each rivoli using right angle weave with seed beads and fire-polished beads, join four of them to make the centrepiece of the bracelet and use a fifth as the button fastener, and then custom-fit to your wrist.
I think it's quite pretty and my female teenager approves too.

Tudor Bracelet Pattern: $8 for a PDF emailed to you

Five 14mm rivolis
4mm fire-polished rounds
3mm fire-polished rounds
Size 8 seed beads
Size 11 seed beads
Beading needle
Your favourite beading thread

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