Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beaded Beaded Beaded Beaded ... What?

I think I can speak for everyone who was there in saying that last night's class went well and we had fun.

On Monday night as I was finishing up my instructions, I had this great idea which I thought could make it in, but I chose my beads poorly, and the thread kept breaking, so I gave up (it was a bonus variation anyway).

As I talked the students through the basic beaded bead with overlay embellishment, I sat and beaded what I'd tried for the previous night (with more accommodating beads this time), so even though I didn't have written instructions, I was still able to teach them that variation.
It's a little addictive, because each beaded bead takes about half an hour or so.

As you can see, I made a bail on one of them, and started an attached necklace chain on another.
The two that I made last night (one as a proof of concept, the other as I taught) do not have the backs filled in (no need, really, as they are stable enough), but on the brown one, since the beads I chose for the overlay separated into light and dark, I chose to fill in the back to make it reversible.

I guess next (after I cut up the current version which really didn't quite work for its intended purpose but did teach me something nonetheless) I'll mess around with smaller beads to make earrings.

It's kind of delicious, especially when what I really ought to be doing are samples for upcoming classes, rather than past classes.

Oh well.

I had a bout of really not feeling too well today. These are the beady equivalent of chicken soup, I guess.

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