Sunday, July 5, 2009

Three Days Full

It's a phenomenon I've noticed before.

Granted, three days is assuredly fifty percent more than only two, so it does stand to reason that in the region of fifty percent more is achieveable, but it's more than that.

There's a lack of urgency, a deep breath-taking of the psyche, like a relaxation yoga breath that grounds you and says "OK, there's time for whatever. Just get started and you'll finish whenever" and somehow that mental release of deadlines and rush seems to morph the time into endlessness, so that every night, I roll over and get comfortable in a satisfied calm and feel that I've met all sorts of goals and then some.

I didn't quite finish this necklace though.

It's missing a few inches of peyote ribbon to attach the other half of the clasp to the other end.

This is a bit of a departure for me. Ordinarily, I eschew the use of metal findings, preferring to use all seed beads, unless I'm wanting the contrast and starkness of metal against glass - or unless I couldn't be bothered to make a beaded closure when there's a perfectly serviceable clasp in my silver or copper drawer.

I couldn't find an alternative to using jump rings though, as I wanted only short sections of very slinky narrow chain between the beaded beads, and while I suppose I could have used right angle weave which would have been nice and fluid even in such a short section (or herringbone using size fifteens), I couldn't come up with a flexible way of attaching that wasn't kludgey and didn't show too much thread.

So jump rings.

For a lark, I used size fifteen seeds between the beaded beads (made with size sixes) for extra emphasis, and I'm quite satisfied. I like the contrast of the delicate ribbon with the chunky beaded beads, and I'm loving the colour, sadly unmarked and therefore anonymous and most importantly non-repeatable, that I bought on a whim yesterday (have to do something with that fifty percent off seed beads sale).

And oh yes, I'm starting to get organized for Bead Fest, which won't be quite so much of a stretch as the last one, since two of the classes I taught back in March in Santa Fe, and so I have supplies and instructions, one of the classes I've taught at my local bead store and have available as a kit (though I might make up another colourway or two), and the other one I've sort of taught (parts of it at least) and so the instructions are close to complete.

And of course I have all those kits that I didn't sell in Santa Fe. Not that I'm at all bitter about that.

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