Friday, July 17, 2009

I Do Actually Knit

I know I throw around references to knitting, but I rarely post proof (pictures, that is), so I thought I'd remedy that.
This swathe of tropical orange is a mitred affair which will be a tank if there isn't enough yarn and a tee-shirt if there is. I've been as usual somewhat lackadaisical about the planning and counting and measuring (and in fact thinking) side of this project, so it's due for a bit of ripping out since there's no way the neck and armholes are going to work in terms of fitting a human.

This started off life as two mitred pieces that were worked until they reached around my body, and then worked until they were tall enough, then split for the front neck, worked some more, split for the armholes, worked some more and split for the back neck.

I wasn't what you could call careful or even very thoughtful about this splitting up stuff, more impulsive actually, so I really need to rip back and start the shaping again.

Which is why I (in part) started this:
Some years ago I made a side-to-side tee-shirt using oddments and leftovers, one of which was a chenille yarn. For a couple of years it was a fabulous sweater, useful and flattering, but then the chenille started to shed, and at this point the chenille rows (thankfully few) are holey and mangy and what I really should do is find more leftovers (I think this is doable) and Swiss-darn over those rows.

It'll be slightly irksome since it's knitted in a chevron pattern, but it's easily within the realms of my skillset.

It's more fun starting a new one in variegated yarn though.

When I bead, I do finish stuff most of the time.
This necklace turned out quite well, the colours are cheerful and I didn't run out of patience so it's on the longer side (around 20"), and even though it's fairly attractive, for me it's still just on the wrong side of too clunky since I used size six seeds which are large, about 3-4mm or so.

Pretty but big.

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