Saturday, July 4, 2009


What do you call a rather small something which is vaguely cube-like? Cubical? Cubicle? (No, I know that's not it).

I'm having fun making them. I listed the one below in my Etsy shop, and I may list the white pair too.
And when you leave off the corners, you get something that's really not a cube - it's a cube with the corners cut off. I don't remember its official name. It's something of an octahedlet, I'd say.
It's very hard to be working on the ugliest thing ever.
I think the colours are vile (I need much more depth of shade for colours to please me) and I don't like the flatness either. I kinda like the button closure, and I'm hoping it will be improved when I add Stuff to the middle to give it some texture and interest.
One can hope.

I should have stuck with the classic white/silver/gold/cream instead of thinking I could make it fresher and brighter with just the tiniest hint of colour.


It has to be done by tomorrow though, so at least I'll be able to enjoy life again. (That was for dramatic effect entirely; it's not even slightly that bad).

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