Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Grindstone

It's been a busy week.

For my own pleasure (and to cut down on UFOs) I finished this twist necklace, but have had an impossible time trying to get a decent picture.
On a white background it looks as insubstantial as a ghost, though less interesting. On a high-contrast background it looks cheesy, and on a greyish background not much better. If ever I want to make something this pale in beads again, I'd better figure out this photography stuff.

But what I've really been working on are instructions and class samples.
Two out of three colourways for a class at Bead Fest Portland.
The instructions are complete - I had thought that they were about halfway done, but I didn't like what I had, and didn't have everything, so it was more work than I'd anticipated.

A couple of samples for the class I teach on Tuesday.

Instead of finishing the instructions today, I have left them for tomorrow so I could watch a DVD. I guess my Monday evening is spoken for.

There's been knitting, but as there are no pictures, it might as well be a big fat lie (though it's not). Even though I'm less than a quarter of the way through the designated yarn, I fear I might be even less far through the requisite knitting which is really not a good thing since even though there is other yarn that could work in this project (it already has a solid and variegated of the same yarn type), if I dig into that then it'll domino out of control until I'll be in the middle of my last ever knitting project in the entire world (you know, the last of all my yarn, ALL of it) and I'll run out of yarn, whereas if I just let this project lie forever unfinished (should I run out of yarn), then it may well save me from a string of knitting projects with a cuff or a collar or half a sleeve in a yarn that clearly was not meant for that project.

Or perhaps I won't run out of yarn.


Laurie said...

Is it possible to run out of yarn? I think you need a nice cool glass of iced tea.

Charlene said...

Heh, not really. Not even slighty, actually, if it comes to that. In theory though, because the stash is in reality finite, it might be possible, given enough time, for a human to run out of yarn.

And BTW, I hate iced tea. For a calming restorative, I'd rather have some of Amy's mint lemonade. Mmmmmm.