Friday, July 31, 2009

Just One More, I Promise (For Now)

I know I really should be working on beading instructions or class samples but I had started one of my baubles on Wednesday night, and It Was Bad, and therefore had to be cut up but surely this was time to let good rise out of the bad, make lemonade from lemons, let the phoenix rise from the ashes, and so on?
Well, that argument certainly swayed me!

This one is a little different, as the underneath has a sort of flange which is visible when viewed head-on.
I kinda like it (I think I always say that).

And then, to assuage the burgeoning of indulgence over duty, I started on a class sample since my camera died and there really was no point in even considering working on instructions.
(Batteries were recharged this morning, so could dash this off before work).

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