Thursday, January 29, 2015

That's How It Goes

So I see a medallion, something with a rivoli in the middle, something using Swarovski bicones (which I somehow never use), something rather floral, and I was inspired so I started stitching.
Almost immediately it was clear that what I was stitching was going to be absolutely nothing like the medallion I saw so I just kept adding beads until it seemed like it was done.

And that's the way it generally goes, only with more undoing or cutting up (there was no cutting). I think I was so pleased to be stitching something new that I didn't need it to be like anything in particular. I started adding the beads I'd set on my table, and when they no longer worked, I reached back for beads that fit into the gaps and continued until there were no more gaps and it held its shape.

Pretty painless actually.

I rather love the colours - I think one or more of my Bead and Button kits should be in this colour-way.

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