Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Usual

I have a few inches to go on the current kumihimo rope so I quickly added the clasp on this one to avoid an ever-lengthening queue of necklaces waiting for clasps. I need some motivation, any motivation sometimes.
Even though the bead probably has equal parts teal and purple shimmer from the dichroic glass, I'd hoped the purple seed beads would be the dominant colour (black and silver aren't really colours) in the rope but if I'd stopped to consider a little more carefully I'd have realized that the colour I liked, being a rather muted shade had no chance in a battle of volume over bright teal, merely because I favoured it.

Funny how that works. Just having a preference does not in fact alter reality. Would that it were not so.

I like the way it turned out anyway but I still wish it read more purple.

Two years ago I'd have looked at me funny if I said this, but the truth is that any time I do anything with my hands that feels as though I'm applying any kind of force, I worry about damaging my thumbs more. And during the day if my hands are achey, I worry that even if I rest them, I'll get no relief and I'll never ever be able to do the things I enjoy, and that over time, not only will I have to completely exclude what I love, but the pool of things I kinda like will keep growing ever smaller.

And it may well be so eventually, but not yet.
Sometimes, when my hands are having a good week, I can knit for an hour or so on a few consecutive days.

It's not much but it's marginally better than nothing.

With a bit of luck I might have a new pair of gloves to wear before spring obviates the need for them.

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