Sunday, January 25, 2015

Camp Chez Moi

It's been all Craft Camp this weekend.
I made a new beaded bead.
 I took my old, ugly, stained but still perfectly functional crockpot that even my cat doesn't care for (she declined to climb into it and she will pretty much try to squeeze herself into any container)
and spray-painted it silver. It was either silver, black or red. Yes, that's a drip because I painted it too thickly. It's heat-resistant paint so why not?
Some things actually got completed like this tray that I painted and tiled.
 Bad picture, but it turned out pretty well. The other tray is hideous though:
The glass globs are really close together on the base but as soon as you grout it looks as though they're just floating around in there all antisocial. And the tray thing was hideous to start with; some questionably interesting glass-and-grout just can't save it, but it was an interesting experiment and scratched an itch.

 This, um, thing to hang on the wall is complete except for those magic Command strips for the hanging part. Those brightly coloured bits aren't really - they're holographic paper that tricks cameras (so silvery).

With this little project I learned that I can saw through MDF relatively easily even with a hand-saw. Not terribly straight mind you, but I can get through with minimal pain so that's good to know if ever I'm faced with a large piece of MDF and my life depends on making it smaller and all I have is a muscle-powered saw.
 Yeah OK I painted stuff. I kind of enjoy wielding the Power of the Spray.

I also started something which I haven't yet finished. This awful and pathetic little table was taken apart.
 Painted (when I thought I was going to do something else with it) and covered with tinfoil.
And there are more steps involving I think varnish and stain perhaps (I have to check the instructions) but I may not do them until next weekend. That was messy fun.

I did NOT sew the curtains for my bedroom even though I have no excuse except that I wasn't in the mood but I know, I really should. I neglected what I should have done and focused my attention on silly fun stuff.

My brand-new shower is leaking all over the place and I'm starting to lose patience.

I don't think I use a non-standard showering technique, but every morning after my shower when I scoop the cat-litter there's a massive puddle in the basement which I can see has trickled down from the outside edge of the shower, through the floor and down the concrete basement wall, but when the professionals come to my house and run the shower and do their experiments, it doesn't produce even a drop in the basement. It does however produce a puddle on my bathroom floor outside the shower, and you can even see its escape route.

After I have showered I can find no moisture outside the shower (though I suspect my bathmat covers the aforementioned bathroom floor puddle), nor on the outside of the shower door or anywhere except in the basement and I'm at a loss as to what difference it makes when a person stands under the running water versus when no one does.

I guess my frustration resulted in Craft Camp where we get our hands dirty, glue things and paint things and indulge in other mindless occupations.

It was fun though, and quite productive.


amyfibre said...

Sorry about the shower. But I do know the difference. Maybe. When a person (or something) is in the shower, more of the water hits the walls. When it's just running, it doesn't hit the walls. Or so I have experienced in my own leak investigations. Good luck!

Lynn in Boise said...

My aunt's shower only leaked when someone (usually male = heavier) was in it. The weight pushed down on the base of the tub which then caused the seal on the drainpipe to unseal and thus leak. In this case the water was coming from inside the tub, not the water that sprayed outside it.