Thursday, January 15, 2015

All Candy All the Time

I made a class sample. I know it's pink, I know it's sort of floral-adjacent and for cying out loud yes I know it has hearts in it but still. I still like it.
 Perhaps I'm irrevocably on my way to twee. Or maybe I'm already there.

Speaking of that possibility, I finished the painting the colour gradations and while I kinda sorta think I like them, those colourful ceramic knobs I bought at an art fair about twenty years ago have had their day in the sun.
 I got a bargain on a job lot of cast-iron outdoor faucet handles, so I scrubbed them and painted them (the same colour as the lamps) and replaced the drawer knobs with them and I'm pretty pleased.
 I left the handles on the other dresser as (a) they don't annoy me too much and (b) they don't annoy me enough to want to fill and sand and repaint three holes per handle on each drawer.
 The old oak dresser also used to have colourful ceramic knobs and even though the bronzy faucet handle knobs make for a more monochromatic look, I much prefer them, though I do have some Ideas About Colour, but they're more musings than urgent plans.
Here's a closer look at a few of them (they're not all the same):
The dresser? It used to be white and used to live in the spare room in the house in which I grew up and my mother kept her fabrics in the two big drawers, but apparently it was my father's from when he was a child. For an as yet undetermined reason (I asked once and did not get a satisfactory answer), before my parents left South Africa, they stripped off (most of) the white paint and it turns out that this is one of the few pieces of inherited furniture which I actually like, as opposed to all the useless fussy antique chairs and impractical ornate little coffee table and more.

So this was fun and all but I'm really ready to make something which doesn't involve paint or a cordless drill. This stuff is gratifying, but it feels a bit like junk food: after a while you need something that you can sink your teeth into that really feeds you in a healthy and sustaining way.




(But in no particular order except really I want knitting to be number one the way it was before my hands betrayed me).

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