Monday, February 2, 2015

Some Beading and More Craft Camp

I made a sample for tomorrow's class. 

I needed photos for the instructions.
I made another.

I wanted to show some simple colour patterning.
 Then I finished the clasp of the latest kumihimo necklace. I'm thrilled with the way the beads in the rope perfectly pick up the bead colours. I rarely get such a perfect match - generally the wrong colour predominates, or the colour doesn't show as well among the others in the rope, but I couldn't have wanted a better match with the interplay in this mix.
 Then I made another class sample showing another little variant. Love love love the picasso-finish mini-daggers. I really like it when the colour of the glass shows through, attracted though I am to all the lovely coated finishes.

I just like the look of actual glass I suppose.
 Last weekend's craft camp continued.

I did more glueing. Spray adhesive is fabulous for not having paper wave and wiggle, but it's impossible to not get nasty unwipeable unwashable stickiness over your whole self.
That's the landing of the stairs to the basement and may I just say that I think Command Strips are pure genius. If they weren't so expensive, a gajillion college students and other [young] adults in rental housing would be all over them for all their decorating needs. Or people looking to a not terribly distant future where they contemplate selling their house eventually. That sort of thing.

Besides which, I'm not great at hammering nails in straight.

Then I thought it might be fun to do some painting in the second bathroom.

[Don't ask.

My bathroom still isn't leak-proofed. Today's disaster? The tile guy cut a piece too short after it was too late to buy another, so he has to come back to my house.


Anyway, I painted the walls (um, beige) which used to be a rather unpleasant terracotta-adjacent colour which wasn't as luscious next to the rusty brown tiles as I'd anticipated though far better than the barely tutu pink before that) and then thought perhaps I should paint the vanity because it's old and shabby (but not in a shabby chic way which in my opinion is a contradiction in terms but what do I know) and it's stained and the paint is chipping and then I remembered that you can get these kits to make the false front under the sink into a flip-out tray so I just went nuts with the screwdriver and the knife and whatever I could find and took the whole thing apart.
I love the spray-on primer though.

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