Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Done. Sort Of

Two things: the one that I did (but not 100% completely) and the one that I had done, but not properly because of the leak, but now I'm hoping to not have to call the contractor about it EVER AGAIN.

Curtains: mostly done, and hung.
 The colour is vaguely correct-ish - perhaps they're slightly more maroon and less plum. The hooks in the left curtain are set in about a quarter of an inch higher than in the right one, so they hang marginally lower which you can't really see unless you look at the curtain rod (which is genius by the way: Ikea Kvartal).

Bigger though is that they're not hemmed.
 The length is perfect as is, and I have enough wiggle room to go as much as two inches shorter. Maybe.

Plan B (Plan A was obviously to have nice deep hems that fit the opening) was to add four or five inches to the bottom of a gorgeous fabric which I'd also use to make a couple of pillows to toss on the bed, except that the gorgeous fabric has not shown itself to me and I've really only one other fabric store to visit.

Plan C will be stripes made with varying widths of grosgrain ribbon and yes, that sounds tedious, doesn't it?

Oh and there's still sanding and painting where I took out the old hardware that supported this previous hideousness that I can't believe I lived with for so long because:
Yeah pretty incredible. Incredibly ugly.

I should have known that the relationship was doomed to failure when an ex claimed to like them.

I'm not even going to try to clean and donate them because this much ugliness belongs in the stinky (only in summer occasionally. And it's not the radioactive one with the underground fire) landfill across the road from my work.
The contractor boss-man came and installed the new grey one-piece curb in my shower (which I not-so-secretly love more than the two-piece black one) and as he was dismembering the old curb, discovered much to his displeasure that his worker bees didn't seal the crack between the two pieces, allowing water to seep under the horizontal surface, saturate the wood interior and trickle out onto the bathroom floor.

We're both hopeful that I will henceforth see water only in its allotted areas: the shower, the sink, the toilet, and not on the floor or running down the wall of the basement.

I live in hope.

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