Saturday, February 28, 2015


It's possible this was finished last weekend but I forgot about it.
 The focal is a three-eighths-inch copper elbow from my favourite big box hardware store and the beads in the necklace anticipate the verdigris of its old age. I wish they had narrower pipes because it would be a better fit.

Eve though the home projects list is a mile long (I have Big Plans for my kitchen which I will do myself) I have this sense of being at a loose end now that the bathroom doesn't leak (I know. I can hardly believe it myself) and that my curtains are functional (I love them every time I walk into my bedroom). So, y'know, there's always beading to be done but MAN I hate it when this happens:
What you're looking at is two repeats to go and I've run out of beads a scant three hours after being at the bead store this afternoon and let m tell you, if it looked the same outside your window as it does outside mine (hint: it's very, very white everywhere) you wouldn't be anticipating restocking any time soon.

Not that it's a total disaster or anything; it's not as though there aren't more beading projects on the stack.

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