Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not As Planned (But OK)

I had big plans this evening, mostly involving Netflix, cats and kumihimo and then things took a left turn.

It's Class Deadline Night: I have until midnight to photograph and describe the classes I'll be teaching at my local bead store for the months of June through September, and I left work feeling very relaxed because all the samples were done and photographed and the descriptions were mostly done and all I needed to do was check the cut-and-paste errors (there are always some), send off the pictures and text, and settle down with my feet up in front of the TV.

It didn't actually work out that way.

I made this bracelet a few weeks or months ago (I really can't remember. Not yesterday, not last week; sometime before that) using two-hole brick beads and wondered how it would look with the squarer tile beads, but somehow something else was more important, so I didn't.

I sent off the class proposals early in the evening, and then started playing with tiles. The first go-round was Really Ugly, so I cut the thread and put it aside as a reminder that my colour sense really is quite fallible, and started again. 
It really went quite quickly, even photographing every step for posterity (not really: for the instructions) and then the bracelet was finished and the evening had slipped by and I needed to send a class proposal update with the new picture and amended materials list.
Oh well.

Netflix will most certainly wait; I mean, I've finished Dexter and House of Cards (second season) and Sherlock, so it's not as though there's anything desperately calling me, is there? 

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