Saturday, March 29, 2014

Green Sample

So I'm teaching a series of classes at Studio Beads in Chicago next month, and am preparing kit samples for each class. I don't really have time for executing new designs (though I have plenty of sketches itching to be realized) because I'm trying for three to four colour ways for each of the four classes.
There's only one more pair of earrings, one more Buttress pendant and just about two more Iksitito necklaces to do - those take quite a long time and the very hardest part is coming up with colour ways that are distinct from each other and well, that I think look good.

We all have our own aesthetic after all.

I've tried to make the Spike Earrings and Buttress Pendants in close to the same colour-ways since I'm using the same colours of spike beads, but it hasn't worked out for all of them. The earrings above do match the green pendant, and the remaining pair of earrings will match but the other two... let's just say that they're related enough to wear together (unless "can be worn together" is not enough of a similarity endorsement) but they don't share [most of the] seed bead colours.

I think it's OK.

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