Thursday, March 13, 2014


I finished this one all the way. 

Originally it was just going to be the small embellishments all the way around, no focal area, but then I decided that it wouldn't take long enough to teach so I should add the slightly larger focal - quickly, without much planning. The first couple of tries left too much thread showing, and now that it's satisfactory, I'm thinking the necklace might be even better alternating the smaller with the larger embellishments. 

Perhaps while I'm making that version I'll feel obliged to make an even bigger embellishment.
 I've always loved the look of lampworked leaves, and I've even bought a few over the years but have never even come close to having the vaguest clue of how to use them.
Until now, along with a pair of tiny beaded beads.

Yay kumihimo.

PS I did finish knitting a sock (it was half-done before I hurt my hands) but I think it hurts too much. I need to figure out how to manage this because the stash is just too extensive and precious to get rid of it. Besides, I really like the whole knitting by hand thing.

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