Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Was Wrong

I really thought I was itching to make a pendant with two dangle spikes, but when I made one it wasn't quite right and then when I made another it still wasn't quite right and then I made one with three dangles instead of two and then I could sleep at night.
 Sort of.
 Either way, I like the one with three dangles so much better than the ones with only two though sleep is irrelevant except that it's getting close to bedtime and so, y'know, sleep.


amyfibre said...

Is there a way to make the two dangle ones asymmetrical, yet still hang right? I would like them better if one dangle was lower than the other. Just a random Monday thought...

Charlene said...

I think it would be doable, as long as the difference wasn't too wild: a couple extra units of cubic right angle weave shouldn't affect the relative weights that much.