Thursday, March 6, 2014


Isn't that what they call it when you slip away at lunchtime to do something fun - and finish it?

This bracelet turned out absolutely nothing like the way I planned it, well only slightly: my plan included a repeating motif in which groups of four bricks were arranged in squares and joined by seed beads and fire-polished beads, but this one is much, much better than when I tried it out the way I'd planned it.
 And the toggle clasp matches too!
I had Thoughts about the edges and wondered if the pointy bits needed to be connected, so I made a pendant to experiment on. Actually, it's probably better as an earring, though even so it needs a bit of work, but I do think I'm satisfied with the bracelet.

My only concern is that the thread path is a little weird, and I need to make sure I can explain it very, very well indeed.

I think it might also work using the Czech mate tile beads. Perhaps I'll try it out sometime when I don't have a deadline looming (two weeks and six hours to come up with about eight projects for the months of June through September. I need a decent sample for one, and then I need to invent two more. One and a half more (I have one which is sorta-kinda halfway done, but if I complicate it, I might just stretch it into two sessions and if so then things might not be so dire in the Be! Creative! Department over here).

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