Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation Perfection

The view from last night's hotel room, with Croatian sock yarn.
So far, this has been the only time I've been able to pay with my credit card for anything in Croatia. All of the restaurants seem to take only cash, ditto the bus and ferry lines.

Because we left Split early, the rooms we had last night are not the same as the rooms we have tonight - they were much nicer!

This morning after a very hearty breakfast, we decided to climb the hill to the Spanish fortress. The path starts like this:
At the end of the staircase, there's a very zig-zaggy path which starts off at the wall that goes all the way up to the fortress. Here's looking down at Hvar (the town):
And here's looking up at the fortress:
Along the path there are glorious views.
From the fortress I could see my new hotel room. It's almost dead centre in the picture, only barely not behind the curve of the fortress wall.
I'm having a hard time figuring out why I don't live on the coast.
I wonder if I could get a job here and learn Croatian? I could open yet another little jewelry store and sell my beadwork and smile at tourists, but it would be worth it because it's just gorgeous.

Vacations probably make people unrealistic, but there's got to be something cathartic and therefore healthy about fantasizing about living in paradise.

We're missing the cats. Amy says they're So Over our vacation and need us to come back.
On the way down the hill we happened across a pair of feral kittens so tiny they didn't know to be afraid of us. If this was home, I'd have taken them straight to the vet for de-worming, de-lousing, de-ticking, de-fleaing, so that we could take them home with us. Jennica was in love...
This is the staircase as the descent starts. The town is so very pretty.
Everything is alleyways, each cuter than the next. As well as the shops and restaurants, people seem to live here too.

After our strenuous climb, we relaxed on the beach.
You can tell that those knees are really into this vacation thing. They're totally chill.

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