Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prague to Budapest

Our last day in Prague was conducted in the most perfect way: we had some plans of things to do, and the order in which we were going to do them, but no fixed times until dinner.

It's bizarre to me that in all of Prague I haven't seen a single bead store, and that everywhere they're selling Swarovski stuff. The closest to any Czech-made beads I've found was this Preciosa sign.

See, this iis what I like about Prague. Walking around, you llook to the side and there's an adorable little side street.
We also happened across this statue of Kafka.
I guess we were in the Jewish quarter, where we saw this pretty synagogue.
With its cute overcrowded higgledy-piggledy graveyard.
After theMuseum of Decorative Arts, we went to DOX, the Museum of Contrmporary Arts.
My daughter and her boyfriend both wanted to go to the Czech Beer Festival. It wasn't in this building (the book fair was).
it was in this tent.

Our last night in Prague, goodbye bridges!
Budapest on the other hand, does have Sleeping Beauty's castle.
I didn't go into the church on the grounds, but was very taken with the entryway and flowers in front. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous.
The kids persuaded me to do this hop-on, hop-off bus thing, which I was sort of against, but admit that it's quite convenient, especially given that our stay is so abbreviated.

One of the stops was the synagogue, which is the second biggest, um in Europe I think. Not the world. I think. [ETA: The second largest in the world, thanks, lumina!]
I walked around the back and saw the little cemetery in the back. It was odd, the headstones all leaning against the edges of the pathways.
We went up to the Citadel, where the view was fabulous but my pictures less so, and then on to the Chain Bridge.
Part of our bus thing was a free boat ride which gave us an excellent view of the houses of parliament.
Gorgeous, better than a castle.

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lumina said...

Welcome to Budapest! As I know, the synaguoge is the second biggest one in the world after the one in New York.