Friday, May 11, 2012

Two Days, Three Countries

There was bringing child number two home from college.


Then we had to pack.

Yup, that's my carry on inside a full-size suitcase. My daughter has been in Geneva since January, and the girl loves to shop, though I think she's a tally been restraining herself. The suitcase is to bring her stuff home.

Our flights weren't too terribly delayed, and in fact we had a lovely surprise on taking our seats for the international leg of the flight.

I managed to get some knitting done.

It's a project that has to last me the entire time we're away. I don't actually think it'll be a problem since sadly this will not be the kind of vacation that makes people wonder if I still live in my house, but still, better safe than sorry. The notion of running out of knitting is just too awful to contemplate.
We were met at the airport (my sweet child had to wake at the crack o'dawn to be the in time to meet our seven-something ayem flight).
Quite a bit of the day was spent wrangling luggage. No one wants to traipse through what the travel books are calling Central Europe, but what I always think of as Eastern Europe burdened with three extraordinarily over-packed suitcases in addition to what we need for our trip, so there was maneuvering complicated by the fact that we arrived too early to check into our hotels, but eventually the suitcases were stowed in her friend's basement, and we were on our way to the Téléphérique du Salève.

It's a cable car that goes up the mountain you see in the background, from which you can see Mont Blanc (which I believe is behind the trees)

And all of Geneva. We had a gloriously clear day, so the view was breathtaking.

The kids thought so too.

I guess I missed the equivalent of this sign when walking there.

Finally we were able to check into our cute little hotel.

We don't have free wifi, so I'm sitting in a coffee shop called the Central Perk, yes really. None of my friends are here though...


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