Friday, May 25, 2012

Not the Best Day Ever

The day started off just fine, if a little on the early side with a view of the fortress outside my window.
We had to catch the 7:30 ferry from Hvar to Split, and then the 10:00 bus to Dubrovnik. The staff at the hotel were so incredibly nice: they packed us food since we were missing breakfast, and took our luggage to the dock even though it's really close.

The ferry ride to Split was uneventful, and then we boarded the bus. It was a warm day, the windows of the bus did not open, and there was no air conditioning to speak of. Oh yes, and the bus was pretty full.

For four and a half hours.
Sure, the scenery was lovely.
Yes, it was interesting seeing all the new construction.
Absolutely, there were exquisite views from the hillsides. Mountainsides. Very high up.

It was also kind of interesting having our passports checked twice inside half an hour as we first passed into, and then out of, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

But it was brutally hot and miserable and the only good thing I can say is that it wasn't a eight-hour ferry ride, which had been the original plan, scrapped because of the ferry schedules.

Finally we arrived in Dubrovnik, gaily looked at the map and realized that the bus station was a scant point eight of a kilometer from the hotel, an easy walk.

Big mistake.

Big big BIG mistake.

The road we had to turn onto?


I'm guessing a few hundred steps.

In the heat and humidity.



I was slightly afraid I'd have a heart attack or faint or something unhealthy. It was awful, but the view from the hotel is incredible.
You can't tell how high we are from this picture, but trust me, it's really high. Tomorrow I'll try to remember to take a picture of the stairs so you can see I'm not just being a diva.
After some serious showering and relaxing, we finally made it to Old Town.

It's pretty cute.

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