Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Even So

I can't imagine what it must be like never to be in the grip of a compulsion which cannot be indulged; worse yet, never to be owned by a compulsion.

Here's the thing.

I've been a knitter for most of my life. I don't remember ever not knitting, or learning to knit. It's as eating: something that should be done every so often to stay healthy; unlike eating you cannot over-knit. Well, maybe you can. I'm thinking of carpal tunnel injuries and the like.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I knit things, and I don't always knit them serially (or for that matter to completion, but that's another matter best left to discussions of my Bermuda Rectangle of Unfinished Projects) and that means that they need to be in bags. Plastic-ish bags will do, but for schlepping, tote bags are The Bomb.

I have a few. Quite a few. 

I have classic tote bags upon which reusable grocery bags are modelled.

I have bags with zippers, with pockets, big bags, less big bags, bags with excellent handles, bags with annoying handles, and I've even made a few (and blogged about weaving the strap for one).

But I need another bag for travelling.

It should hold a tiny fold-up umbrella, some knitting (obviously), my iPad (because that's not getting left in a hotel room somewhere behind the erstwhile Iron Curtain), a light sweater or shirt, possibly a water bottle, and some other vitally important things which are currently eluding me.

It needs to be secure.

It shouldn't hurt my neck or shoulder by the end of the day.

A backpack.

The iPad will have its own cleverly concealed pocket that cannot be opened unless it is not on my back, there can be an easily accessible side pocket for the water bottle and another for the umbrella, a few more pockets inside and out for those other things I can't remember, and it should be light and not scratchy.
Oh yes, I'll have to make it.

Turns out I have some pale grey Ultrasuede which turned out to be not very suitable as outerwear, decent actually for sofa cushions, but the pale grey didn't seem like it had a purpose at the time, bargain though it was.

My fabric cupboard has plenty of scraps which were too big to toss but too small to make into clothing; these are perfect for pocket linings. The polar fleece-adjacent fabric that I bought to make a baby blanket for a co-worker whose child can probably write full sentences by now is perfect for soft, lightweight padding.

All I needed were an assortment of coloured (why not?) zippers, woven belting for the straps (I hate turning long skinny things) and some few items from the handbag-making section of the fabric store (feet, buckles).

I will have the perfect travel backpack.

I think it might need a detachable shoulder strap too, just in case.

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