Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hvar, Oh Yeah

Really, what's not to like?
The cutest seaside village ever, on an island, with mountains, sea, old buildings, bright clean stone everythings, fabulous hotel (it's dead centre above, just to the left of the tower thing where the palm trees are).
My room has awesome views (this is one of three) and a huge balcony.

The worst thing I can say (and it won't be true for too long) is that the weather is a little too cool.

There is not what anyone could call a surfeit of beaches - there are quite a few excruciatingly small pebble beaches which have all the charm of any miniature.

Some are merely very, very small.

There are trees which smell heavenly, a bit like magnolia, and they're all over.

See? Boats, mountain, cute stone buildings, sea, gorgeous cloudy sky. It's all good.

Boats. A big old building on the hill. Nice stone docks.

Seriously. It's so pretty. Really.

After last night's unpleasant local dining experience, we didn't even ask about non-tourist restaurants, and had a delicious semi-Italian meal i n the square in front of the cathedral. Actually, it was probably more authentic than Italian in St Louis, since we're a hop, skip and a jump by ferry across the Adriatic from Italy.

Lovely, lovely birthday.

I think I'll allow it to continue into tomorrow since it's going so well.

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