Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's interesting that I've made so many samples, but somehow none is quite good enough.
I do love pink with dark brown, but the daggers just look messy to me. The spikiness is fun, but it's not dense enough, so it looks a little bald and unfinished. Reminds me too much of hair replacement advertisements, or that spray-on scalp paint that Joan Rivers sells on TV.
I was playing with colour change which is only marginally more interesting in person, but which doesn't in any way display the twist to advantage.
White? Gorgeous in the flesh, but in a photo it just looks washed out. I've combined transparent iridescent beads with matte, and the contrast in texture and finish is actually quite luscious, but you'd never know it from the picture. The photos I took against darker backgrounds are even worse, looking horribly amateurish as opposed to barely passable.
I don't want to teach the triangle toggle (though I think it's a good idea, continuing the triangle theme - I call this rope "Triangle Twist"), so that's out too.

And this is my latest attempt in lavender and bronze. Really pretty in the flesh...

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Laurie said...

Liking twisting, and the last one too. I'm laughing at your Joan Rivers analogy. May we all grow old more gracefully than that.