Friday, September 17, 2010


These little floral-ish thingies are kinda cute, I think.
I'm happy with the configuration (loop as an integral part of the whole), so now I need to work on making them a little less plain.

I'd really like stamen-like things inside, but they're awkward to insert, and too easy to forget to make them when the cone is tiny because you're all like "There are only three stitches in this round, and only four in the next and I can do both of them in less time than even a fairly shallow breath and if I breathe long and deep I can probably complete five more rounds in the time it takes to breathe in then out" and then before you know it, a stamen is out of the question, unless you feel like messing with wire, which you usually don't unless it's the only way, which it may well be, but you don't want to commit to that path, since you don't yet have a definitive answer on account of only having made a few of them with little thought to stamens. Stamina.

Speaking of which, I need lots.

There is fifty percent more kitten than there was three weeks ago, still just as much cute, and just as much intense playing. Crickets are a popular past-time (the catching and torturing thereof but unfortunately not consumption which would be nice so the floors aren't decorated with cricket parts), as would be yarn, were I to allow it, which I don't.

I swear, it's like kitty-crack: she goes nuts when she sees knitting or spies yarn within reach. Her basest predatory and acquisitive instincts come to the fore as she attempts to kill (by biting, kicking and scratching) anything actively in my possession, or kidnap anything else.

If she were less excited about yarn, she'd probably have better luck sneaking it by me, but when she dashes past breathing heavily with a huge ball of yarn in her mouth, it's kinda obvious.

Amusing, but obvious.


Joann Loos said...

I love the posy! small and elegant. As to the kitten, when she gets a little bit older she can be trained not to play with yarn... My cats will sit in my lap or on the table when I embroider or bead and not attack the thread. Mostly I just dumped them off when the did, and they preferred being on my lap.

Kristen said...

I love the flowers! Kitten is so cute! I know you are having fun!